Custom Glaze 600

Alsynite One Custom Glaze 600 is a completely NEW polycarbonate glazing product specifically designed for DIY installation.

Where tired existing structures are in need of a tidy up with replacement sheeting, Custom Glaze 600 should be considered – as this new sheeting offers a full flat pan width of .530mm with overlapping ribs at .600mm.

Sheets are simply laid and fastened down one lap over the other with Alsynite One Multipurpose 14 x  65mm fasteners. Because of the 600 centre overlapping ribs, chances are these will sit on existing 600 centre rafters and will be completely hidden when viewed from below.

Because no expensive glazing bars are required, this new contemporary look sheet is extremely cost-effective and is available in lengths up to 7.2m and in Clear, Bronze, Grey, and NEW Diffused Opal.

Retrofit onto your existing structure, or design it into your next outdoor entertainment living area. 



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