Here Now - Laserlite Lap Connector

Improving a great product...

Polycarbonate sheet is a fantastic material as it is light, strong and translucent, but there are 2 problems caused by the way we use it...

Problem 1: In time the sheet laps always get mucky!

Problem 2: There is way too much timber needed!

Laserlite new Lap Connector supports the sheet edges and magically sorts the muck problem!

Here is a sneak preview of this exciting new patent-pending product range …


400g/m aluminium base beam

Lap Connector Beam

A clever beam that can support sheet laps.
(Now the sheets are supported but also the lap is covered from below so no muck will be seen)


Add a 400g/m aluminium cap beam

Lap Connector Cap

The lower aluminium beam can be capped with a second beam (also 400g/m) that retains the sheets between.
(Now the sheets are supported and the lap is covered from both below and above - e.g. from a second storey)



Lap Connector Diagrams

The new Laserlite Lap Connector fits both Greca and Corrugated profiles and comes in 3 colours:  Aluminum,Titania and Ironsand.

lap connector profiles
lap connector colours


Laserlite Lap Connector - Here Now!!!

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