Crystalite Glazing Panels

Crystalite is a 6mm flat solid sheet roofing panel and joining system.

Create a contemporary look and beautiful style to your outdoor entertainment area by adding Crystalite glazing panels.

Crystalite glazing panels are an extruded acrylic sheeting (PMMA ) product. The panels are a transparent thermoplastic, being shatter resistant the product is 250 times stronger than glass and with a density of less than half that of glass. Crystalite glazing panels have good impact strength and clear panels provide up to 92% of visible light.

Technical specifications

Sheet Width: Maximum 620mm

Length: Maximum 6m

Thickness: 6mm

Colour Tints: Clear and Grey

Roof Pitch: Crystalite can be installed on structures with a minimum roof pitch of 5°


Crystalite glazing provides a contemporary stylish look to most outdoor entertaining areas. Adding value and aesthetically pleasing on the eye, Crystalite is available in a range of lengths and colours to please the most discerning home owner.

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Installers and Resellers

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