Industrial Ventilators

Use renewable energy to power your Industrial Vent

Alsynite One Industrial Turbine Ventilators use renewable wind energy to create a positive flow through the ventilator. Even the slightest wind speeds will cause the head to spin. An area of low pressure is created on the leeward side of the vent and the air drawn out between the vanes on the head of the ventilator feed this low pressure zone.

This process allows for a continuous airflow through the vent. The centripetal forces created by the rotation of the vent will expel the air outwards from the edge of the vanes and this hot and stale air is replaced by cooler and fresh air from outside the building. Thermal currents and temperature differentials will also allow the ventilation process with the vent, even with no wind.

Technical specifications

Available in; 150mm, 300mm, 600mm and 900mm

Indust Vent 150 web live ResizedImage208160 IMAGE Alsynite Industrial Turbine Ventilator 300 082012D
ResizedImage173133 IMAGE Alsynite Industrial Turbine Ventilator 600 082012D ResizedImage194149 IMAGE Alsynite Industrial Turbine Ventilator 900 082012D
Vent Type  AITV150  AITV300 AITV600  AITV900
Throat Area (m3)  0.018 0.071 0.283 0.636
Total Weight (kg)  2.5 5 12 25
Overall Diameter (mm)  332 480 770 1100
Overall Height (mm)  435 480 720 940
Throat Diameter (mm)  150 300 600 900
Flashing Size (mm)  400 x 400 500 x 600 900 x 900 1200 x 1200

Make-up air inlet area should be 3 times that of the exhaust (throat) area.

Alsynite One Industrial Turbine Ventilators offer you:

  • Vertical vane technology for better performance at all wind speeds.
  • Up to three times the exhaust capacity than round shaped ventilators.
  • Lightweight, high strength aluminium construction means no rust.
  • Performance without electricity.
  • Year-round ventilation.
  • High-precision, quality bearings.
  • Larger exhaust openings for better ventilation results
  • 15 Year Warranty*
 DIAGRAM How an Industrial Vent works 082012D


Part of Vent


Aluminium 5005 H34


Aluminium 5005 H34 

Angle Adaptor

Aluminium 5005 H34


Aluminium 5005 H34


Aluminium 1200 H0


Aluminium 6060 T591


Powder Coated Mild Steel


304 Stainless Steel

Upper bearing

Double row ball bearing - BWF30 - 119Z

Lower bearing

Single row ball bearing - SB204-12C

Upper bearing assembly

Glass Reinforced ASA

Upper bearing protector

Aluminium 1200 HO

Lower bearing protector

 304 Stainless Steel

Note: Tri-bracket and lower bracket bearing only used on 900mm vent

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