Laserlite 2000+ Twinwall

A perfect blend of technology, quality & beauty

Laserlite® 2000+ Twinwall is a premium polycarbonate sheet,with the most advanced and proven technology to date. Laserlite® 2000+ Twinwall polycarbonate sheet is an ideal combination, offering a lightweight glazing panel with excellent impact resistance and has an industry leading 15 year warranty against loss of light transmission.

Manufactured by PT Impack Pratama Industri TBK, a global leader in the design and manufacture of thermoformed polymers, Laserlite® 2000+ Twinwall polycarbonate sheet offers superior clarity, durability and unmatched design flexibility and structural integrity that surpasses other glazing material.

Technical specifications

Laserlite® Twinwall is a twinwall hollow structured flat lightweight polycarbonate glazing sheet


Thickness Width
Area Weight
(W/m2 ºC)
6 mm
1.220 m  1.8 to 5.8m  1.3 kgm2 3.5
8 mm  1.220 m  1.8 to 5.8m  1.5 kgm2  3.3
10 mm*  1.050 m  1.8 to 5.8m  1.7 kgm2  2.9

*10mm is available in Clear only.
Other sizes are available upon request, subjected to minimum order quantity.

Laserlite® 2000+ Twinwall is the first choice for almost any demanding glazing application. Offering excellent thermal and acoustical properties as well as being aesthetically pleasing, Laserlite® 2000+ Twinwall will meet most architectural requirements and is available in a range of attractive colour tint options.

clear grey bronze  opal
clear grey tint bronze tint opal


• NZBC Fire group 1-S
• Reduces heat without sacrificing light
• Absorbs almost 100% of sunlight UV radiation
• 250 times stronger than glass and 20 times stronger than acrylic
• Very light, very strong and virtually unbreakable
• Capable of withstanding
temperature fluctuations from -20ºC to 120ºC
• 15 year limited warranty against loss of light transmission

How it Works

Being a multiwall product Laserlite® 2000+ Twinwall offers reduced thermal buildup under the sheet as compared to single skin products. Whilst allowing sufficient light transmittance Laserlite® 2000+ Twinwall should be considered where heat reduction is a design consideration.

 diagram v2

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Installers and Resellers

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