One shot Fasteners

NZ biggest selling profiled polycarbonate fastener

One Shot® fasteners cut an expansion hole in the sheet that ensures your Polycarbonate sheet is installed correctly, allowing for thermal expansion and contraction in all conditions.

For installation of roofs over 3m in height or for high wind zones, please contact Alsynite or see Alsynite Mighty-Tite. Always follow the installation guidelines when installing your polycarbonate sheets.

NB: Alsynite does not recommend One Shot® fasteners for installations in high or very high wind zones. Please contact Alsynite for recommended fastenings for these applications.

Technical specifications

Installation Instructions

One Shot Installation Instructions Website

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One Shot® fasteners save 50% installation time as no pre-drilling is required.
As a guide, you will need approximately 7 fixings per lineal metre.

One shot fasteners

If you have any queries, please contact your nearest Alsynite sales office.