Polygold Pure

The enviro-friendly Insulation choice

POLYGOLD PURE insulation provides optimum level of indoor air quality while maintaining its superior insulation properties. It is specifically designed for industrial, commercial, residential and mechanical application. Alsynite One formaldehyde-free insulation utilises an innovative new binder that eliminates binder-related formaldehyde emissions during manufacturing and will not emit formaldehyde indoors.

Technical specifications

Formaldehyde has traditionally been used as part of the binder in glass mineral wool insulation. Although there is no health risk with the traditional product, formaldehyde at higher levels may cause irritation and sensitivity. POLYGOLD PURE formaldehyde free insulation utilises an innovative new binder that eliminates binder-related formaldehyde emissions during manufacturing and once installed, will not emit formaldehyde indoors. No formaldehyde means fewer things to worry about.


Application focused, POLYGOLD PURE is designed for various roof, HVAC, wall and ceiling applications for fire safety, thermal and acoustical insulation.


POLYGOLD Pure is available in all standard glass mineral wool product ranges manufactured by Alsynite.  R/V 1.8 BIB, 2.8 Hush Wall Biscuits and 1m wide R/V 3.6 BIB. Please click here for available products.


Unfaced or Plain - designed for predictable thermal insulation performance with the added benefit of being an effective sound absorption and fire safety material.

Faced – please contact your Alsynite One representative for further information on available facing materials. 

Before You Buy

Insulation’s effectiveness is measured in R-Value. R stands for the insulation’s resistance to heat flow; heat escapes from your building and heated air enters your building. The higher the R-Value, the greater the resistance to heat flow and the greater your potential for saving energy, natural resources and money. Compare insulation R-Values before you buy.

R-Value = Thickness / K-Value

Not only an effective thermal insulation, Polygold Pure acts as a natural and effective sound barrier. Polygold Pure is amongst the most effective acoustic insulation solutions when sound proofing is required. Excellent absorption material for acoustic treatment.*

POL004 Acoustical Performance Chart

*Predicted sound absorption coefficient based on flow resistivity rate tested in accordance with ASTM Standard C522-03.


Optimal fibre diameter. Optimal fibre diameter ranging from 4-5microns produces more air pockets which enables the insulation to provide a better and enhanced performance.

Better fibre network. Fine, longer and evenly distributed fibre network helps in creating better tensile strength allowing the insulation to demonstrate superior durability, flexibility and feeling much softer.

Alkalinity. pH 9.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Less dusty and less itchy

Reduce Sound Transmission

Thermal Performance

No mould growth



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BRANZ: Tested to AS/NZ 48591:1 

FIRE PROPERTIES:  Tested in accordance with

•      A.S. 1530.3.1989 Fire hazard property of material
•      B.S. 476: Part 4 Non-combustibility test for materials
•      B.S. 476: Part 6 Fire propagation
•      B.S. 476: Part 7 Surface spread of flame
•      BOMBA Class ‘O’

SURFACE BURNING CHARACTERISTICS:  Meets the surface burning characteristics and limited combustibility of the following standards:

•      ASTM E84
•      NFPA 90A and NFPA 90B



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