Sky Tunnel XL2

The ideal skylite for offices and residential applications

The Sky Tunnel XL2 is the ideal, energy saving solution to bring light into light commercial buildings or large residential homes. The Sky Tunnel XL2 has a 2m flexi tube that makes it easily installed into almost any ceiling space.

Technical specifications


Flexi-tubeTM is a tubing system that can be used in certain applications up to 3M in length. With 86% reflectivity, Flexi-tubeTM is a cost effective alternative to Rigid98 Tube providing adequate light when applied in suitable applications.


Installation of a Sky TunnelTM XL2 with Flexi-tubeTM is very easy as the flexibility allows the installation of the roof parts and ceiling parts to be off centre, so avoiding obstructions in the attic space is simple.

Suitable for most types of roofing

The Sky Tunnel XL2 can be installed onto almost any type of roof, including tile (pictured right) or profiled steel (pictured above). The Sky Tunnel XL2 comes with everything you need for an easy installation.

Acrylic dome

The Sky Tunnel XL2 has an acrylic dome. The acrylic is impact modified and UV stabilised with a visible light transmittance of 93%.

Available sizes

343mm diameter
457mm diameter
535mm diameter

Sky Tunnel Flexi Tubing Diagram Alsynite RGB


  • Acrylic Dome - UV stabalised grade 1 acrylic
  • Screws - x8 to fasten dome
  • Vent/Solid Tabs - ASA Polymer
  • Breather frame - ASA Polymer
  • Seal - construction grade polyurethane
  • Soaker tray - 0.55mm corrosion resistant steel
  • Locking ring - White ABS Thermoplastic
  • Ceiling frame - White ABS Thermoplastic
  • Diffusers - x2 3mm Textured Acrylic
  • Diffuser holder - White ABS Thermoplastic
  • Screws - to fasten flexi-tube locking ring to ceiling
  • Screws - to fasten ceiling frame - lock lug/cover cap included
  • Magnet
  • Foam seal - 3mm x 6mm foam
  • Reflective ring - 0.45mm 430BA Stainless Steel
  • Tape - PVC Duct Tape
  • Flexi-tube - 3M



Product downloads

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