Spinaway 300

Expel warm and damp air from your home with Spinaw

The Spinaway 300 is suitable for almost any residential building. Manufactured from quality aluminium, the Spinaway will expel hot air from your ceiling space during warm Summer months and expel damp air from your ceiling during cooler months, reducing moisture and minimising the risk of mildew.

Technical specifications

Recommended quantity

 LittleHouse  MiddleHouse  BigHouse
90-110m2 House 160-180m2 House 220-270m2 House
1 x Spinaway 300 Ventilator 2 x Spinaway 300 Ventilators 3 x Spinaway 300 Ventilators


Position your Spinaway 300 vent at the rear of the section of your roof.

 Under Eave Vent illustration 01

For ventilation in your roof space to be effective, it is essential that there is access to fresh external air.

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