Timber Fasteners

The fastener solution for timber purlins

Timber roofing fasteners are suitable for fixing polycabonate, fibreglass and pvc roofing.

Technical specifications

Timber Fasteners are Class 4 and fully compliant with AS3566 and the NZMRM Code of Practice.

    • Allow 7 fasteners per lineal meter of sheeting.
    • Pre-drill fixing holes through the crest of the profile, 10mm for sheets up to 4.2m long and 12mm for longer lengths.
    • Fix sheet through the centre of the pre-drilled holes.
    • Ensure weatherseal covers hole.
    • Do not overtighten screw as this may distort sheet.
12g x 55mm with 26mm DEKS Washer
(Suitable for high and very high wind zones)
55mm DEKS screw live website
12g x 65mm with 21mm Washer 65mm Screw live website
DEKS 26mm EPDM and 12g x 55mm Class 4 Type 17 fastener Washer Screw live website v2

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