Topclad GC

Heavy Duty, Corrosion Resistant, Solid Colour

In some highly corrosive industrial sites and areas of high salt contamination, high-build paint coatings on roofing and cladding substrates such as aluminium and steel may not perform as expected.

To address these concerns, Alsynite manufactures a unique solid-coloured heavy duty roofing and cladding material using advanced GRP technology. This formulates a corrosion-resistant cladding system for use as an innovative replacement for traditional materials.

Technical specifications


  • The surface coatings and substrate used in the manufacture of Topclad have been 
  • designed specifically to withstand corrosive atmospheres.
  • The highly-polished surface on the underside of the sheet is corrosive resistant.
  • Available in solid colours to match modern roof colours (subject to pigment availability).
  • Different coloured pigments can be applied to either side of the sheet (this is particularly 
  • important when the underside of the sheet is not covered by a membrane).
  • Available to match a wide range of roofing profiles, including flat sheet.
  • Lightweight cladding.
  • Easy handling and installation.
  • Reduces solar heat transmission.
  • Manufactured to any length.
  • Lower freight costs.
  • Exo-set 206 Premium Gelcoat

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Topclad TX Logo HR

Topclad TX is also available.  It has all the same benefits and features as Topclad GC, but with the same textured coating as Topglass TX.


  • Wool scouring plants
  • Fertiliser buildings
  • Poultry and animal sheds
  • Acid plants and smelters
  • Galvanising plants
  • Effluent tank cladding
  • Extreme marine environments
  • Buildings in geothermal areas
  • Compost plants
  • Tanneries
  • Abbatoirs

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Installers and Resellers

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