UV Film Protected translucent roofing

Topglass® translucent roofing was developed to combat the effect of ultraviolet rays and atmospheric pollutants, without the yellowing and rapid product degradation associated with commonly available glass-reinforced roof sheeting.

Using technological developments in UV weather surface film and polyester resin additives developed by Alsynite One and our suppliers the resulting Topglass is a cost effective natural lighting solution that provides long term natural lighting.

Technical specifications

Topglass Features and Benefits

  • Topglass® is manufactured from an acrylic modified resin system, reinforced with high quality glass fibre rovings

  • Topglass® uses surface coatings that are especially formulated and designed to provide high quality, long-term natural light transmission

  • Topglass® encompasses in-built NZA-5 UV inhibitors that prevent early degradation, yellowing and embrittlement of the sheet

  • The product is oven-cured and profiled to ensure maximum binding and strength

  • The non-porous weather surface prevents water absorption and osmosis.

Topglass Applications

  • Commercial

  • Industrial

  • Schools and Kindergartens

  • Public outdoor areas requiring excellent UV protection

  • Institutional and other projects where long-term high quality lighting is required.


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