Topglass FR50 & FR60

For fire retardant, natural lighting and cladding

The Topglass Fire Retardant (FR) range is designed and supplied as fire and smoke retardant natural lighting and cladding solutions for use in commercial and industrial buildings. Alsynite offer different grades of Fire Retardant translucent sheeting and cladding: Topglass FR25 (specifically for cooling tower applications); Topglass FR50 (NZBC Group 3); and Topglass FR60 (NZBC Group 2).  All Alsynite and Laserlite branded polycarbonate sheeting is NZBC Group 1-S.

Technical specifications

Topglass FR50

Topglass FR50 meets the requirements of the NZBC verification method C/VM2 appendix A and NCC specification C1.10.  Topglass FR50 is a fire retardant Bromine Free resin system also with a NZBC group 3 classification.  Topglass FR50 is offered with either a 20umUV film or Alsynite EXO-SET 206 Gelcoat weather protection system. 

Topglass FR60

Topglass FR60 being full blown Fire Retardant GRP roofing and cladding material is self extinguishing therefore exceeding the requirements of the NZBC verification method C/VM2 appendix A and NCC specification C1.10.

Surface Coatings

Topglass FR50 and Topglass FR60 are supplied with the Alsynite Exo-Set 206 Gelcoat SPF enhanced Gelcoat system.  These products are supplied as translucent roofing products and are now available offering increased solar values, as can be experienced with Topglass GC SPF4 (see Topglass SPF pg 10 Topglass catalogue March 2015). The SPF enhancement stabilises the product’s appearance, offering  increased weather surface stability and colour retention.

Please click here to view the BRANZ Techical Opinion Summary for all Alsynite and Laserlite branded Polycarbonate sheeting.


Topglass FR50

  • AS/NZS 3837 / ISO 5660 
  • BRANZ Type test FI 5701-TT
  • NCC Specifications C1.10 and A2.4 - Classification 3
  • NZBC C/VM2 Appendix A - Classification 3

Topglass FR60

Short and Long term UV Testing of Exo-set 206 Premium Gel-coat

Topglass GC with Exo-set 206 new generation Gelcoat  has undergone QUV testing at the University of Auckland and is currently undergoing real world testing against a competitor’s product at the Allunga UV testing facility in North Queensland.

Test results to date are proof that New Generation Exo-Set 206 Premium Gelcoat is at the cutting edge of superior UV resistant coatings.

As always, for impartiality, Alsynite remains committed to utilizing external testing facilities for all our mechanical and UV product testing. 

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