Topglass GC

Long lasting, high tech translucent roofing

Topglass® GC is the flagship of the Topglass® natural lighting family of products. It utilises an innovative manufacturing process developed by Alsynite NZ, which sees Exo-Set 206 Premium Gel-coat applied to the weather surface of the sheeting. The Alsynite 6-stage oven curing process ensures Topglass GC is perfectly cured therefore offering exceptional resistance against solar degradation.

Technical specifications

Building designers and owners love the benefits Topglass® GC offers their buildings. Topglass® GC can also be supplied in solid colours to provide an excellent alternative to metal roofing and cladding systems in corrosive environments (see Topclad GC).

Topglass Gel-coat Features and Benefits

  • Manufactured from an acrylic modified resin system, prepared and supplied exclusively to Alsynite design specifications, each Topglass GC batch is blended in house to exact product requirements.  The Alsynite gelcoat state-of-the-art application process and our extensive six stage curing phase ensures Topglass GC is produced fully cured with a perfectly smooth surface. Consistent laminates are produced incorporating anti static high quality glass rovings that generate maximum strength during the curing and bonding process

  • The ultimate benefit of the Topglass® GC product over general purpose grades of GRP natural roof lighting products is the addition of a UV stabilised 130-micron gel-coated surface which is reactive thermo-set to provide a high gloss surface

  • Topglass® GC, which is manufactured to meet the requirements of AS 4256:3, is economical and provides flexibility whilst resisting UV degradation and yellowing much longer than is commonly experienced with general purpose translucent roofing products

  • Harmful ultraviolet rays remain a major concern for building designers. Topglass® GC can be supplied in a variety of pigments, and can also be supplied as Topglass® GC SPF. This innovative gel-coat additive provides excellent UVA and UVB protection and offers exceptional heat and light data

  • Exo-set 206 Premium Gelcoat is a state-of-the-art Gelcoating system that is specifically developed to run on Alsynite designed production lines  Offering the end user long term sheet clarity and weathering performance Exo-Set 206 will be the mainstay of all Topglass / Topclad sheeting products. 

Short and Long term UV Testing of Topglass GC with Exo-set 206

Topglass GC with Exo-set 206 new generation Gelcoat  has undergone QUV testing at the University of Auckland and is currently undergoing real world testing against a competitor’s product at the Allunga UV testing facility in North Queensland.

Test results to date are proof that New Generation Exo-Set 206 Premium Gelcoat is at the cutting edge of superior UV resistant coatings.

As always, for impartiality, Alsynite remains committed to utilizing external testing facilities for all our mechanical and UV product testing. 

Topglass Gel-coat Applications

  • Roof and wall lighting for commercial and industrial buildings requiring long -erm natural lighting without early surface degradation
  • Educational facilities (Schools, Universities, Polytechnics) and childcare centres
  • Public outdoor areas requiring good UV protection.

Mechanical Panel Testing

Mechanical panel testing completed on Topglass GC 2400gsm in August 2014.  Please click here to see results.

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