Topglass GC SPF

Reduce heat and glare with Topglass GC SPF

Topglass GC SPF is an innovative gel-coated natural lighting product that was developed using Alsynite NZ technology. Topglass GC SPF employs a unique manufacturing process similar to that used in the design and manufacture of modern sunglass eyewear. This makes it the perfect product for New Zealand buildings because of its Solar Protection Feature, which controls roof lighting, prevents heat build-up and harmful UV rays that damage stock and plants.

Technical specifications

Topglass GC SPF Features and Benefits

  • Provides maximum visible light transmission whilst preventing unwanted solar transmission into a building

  • Reduces energy and air-conditioning costs, along with the need for additional artificial lighting

  • Virtually eliminates harmful UVA and UVB rays from entering a building

  • The sheet is aesthetically unique, providing innovative design characteristics for building designers

  • Long-term effective light transmission

  • Topglass® SPF is JAS-ANZ certified to AS 4256:3

  • Exo-set 206 Premium Gelcoat.

Short and Long term UV Testing of Exo-set 206 Premium Gel-coat

Topglass GC with Exo-set 206 new generation Gelcoat  has undergone QUV testing at the University of Auckland and is currently undergoing real world testing against a competitor’s product at the Allunga UV testing facility in North Queensland.

Test results to date are proof that New Generation Exo-Set 206 Premium Gelcoat is at the cutting edge of superior UV resistant coatings.

As always, for impartiality, Alsynite remains committed to utilizing external testing facilities for all our mechanical and UV product testing. 

Topglass GC SPF Applications

  • Food manufacturing buildings

  • Warehouses and food outlets storing food and fresh produce

  • Shopping centres and supermarkets

  • Bulk paper stores

  • Temperature sensitive environments that require high-quality, long-term natural lighting.


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