Vents and Hatches

Factories, warehouses, workshops, houses, and even community buildings are frequently constructed without an efficient natural ventilation system for the benefit of occupants.

Should the interior become hot or stale, doors and windows can be opened, but stale and hot air will not disperse by itself. As a result, just opening doors and windows is simply not sufficient to provide ventilation in most buildings.

Unlike doors, windows and static ventilation, rotary ventilators draw air upwards to create a convection current. In the process they extract stale air, along with air that has become hot due to the building's exposure to long hours of sunlight. Heat from manufacturing equipment within the building is also extracted by these efficient ventilators. As the stale and hot air is extracted, it is replaced by fresh air at ambient temperature that enters through doorways and openings, which completes the convection cycle current and improves the internal environment.

Alsynite Industrial Turbine Ventilators utilise the renewable energy of the wind to create a positive flow through the ventilator. Even the slightest wind speeds will cause the head to spin providing a very efficient natural ventilation solution. 
The Spinaway 300 Turbine Ventilator is suitable for installation onto almost any residential roof. It will expel moisture in the winter and heat in the summer, making your home healthier and more comfortable.
The Green-Vent Solar is a solar powered vent that is controlled using a humidistat and a thermostat to ensure it runs only when required. The vent does not require wind to operate, has a fully adjustable solar panel, is extremely quiet and will keep your home cooler in summer and drier in winter.
The Sky Tunnel 457 is ideal for light commercial buildings or large residential homes. It is an energy saving alternative to bringing light into your home or office. Easily installed, the Sky Tunnel has a 2m flexi-tube that enables it to be installed into almost any ceiling space. 
Bring natural light into your home or office with the LuminoTM Tubular Skylight. With a 300mm diameter dome, the Lumino is suitable for home handyperson installation.
The Alsynite Emergency Ventilation Hatch is a roof-mounted smoke and heat release hatch designed to be used as part of a building fire control system.
Roof Access Hatches are a safe way to access your roof. Fitting on any roof, available in a variety of sizes in steel lids (insulated or uninsulated) acrylic or polycarbonate dome lids.  They are an affordable alternative to any building requiring roof access.
This damper system is for use in wind driven ventilators where the ventilation performance may need to be reduced at certain times.